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Divorce - It's Time to Clean House!

I once saw a card at the Hallmark store that I found rather interesting.  On the front it said "Some call it divorce."  Inside it said, " I call it a good house cleaning."  Clearly it was intended to be humorous.  Of course most of the time divorce (in Rhode Island or elsewhere) is far from humorous. 

Thankfully, the card does make a good point.  After all, isn't that essentially what a divorce is?   Getting a divorce isn't really enjoyable . . . unless it's something that you specifically planned to do and that you may be looking forward to  . . . provided that you can see the end result of a clean house on the other end of the spectrum after you've dealt with all the mess and clean-up.

Cleaning a house is like the thought of spring cleaning.  It's a renewal and refreshing of your "space".  That doesn't mean that it doesn't come with unpleasantness.  Your arms may get sore from sweeping and scrubbing the walls . . . and washing the windows so you can see outside better.  You may start coughing, choking or sneezing while the dust kicks up.  Heck, you may even get a few bumps and bruises as tons of things that have piled up over the years come tumbling out of the closet onto your head.

Yes, it is an odd analogy . . . yet perhaps very fitting.  Why do we do a house cleaning?  Maybe because it has to be done perhaps.  Or maybe we do it because we can't stand the disoder and chaos anymore of not knowing where anything is, our level of safety, or simply because we can't put up with  all the crap anymore.

So what get's you through it?  For many of my Rhode Island divorce clients it's seeing the end result . . . the clean house . . . the new revitalization of what WILL be after you sort through all the junk and give your immediate "life space" a new overhaul and perhaps move a few things around to give you a little different perspective.

Is it easy?  Usually not.  Is it achievable?  Absolutely.

As a Rhode Island lawyer focusing my practice in divorce and family law I take that extra time with my clients to help them to that brighter tomorrow.  Clients are often surprised when I take an interest in their lives and show genuine care and concern for them and their problems.  Yet divorce isn't as easy as a good house cleaning and while I enjoy the analogy I am well aware that clients are not simply houses or rooms that can be swept clean without emotion, heartache and lots of change.

If you just want a good legal mind that tells you the dos and don'ts of the divorce process and the pros and cons of your choices, I'm not the lawyer for you.  If you want a lawyer who will guide you through the  legal process and a friend to help you weather the non-legal stresses that come your way.  

You'll find me just a few quick button pushes away . . .