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A Divorce Lesson on Valentine's Day.

Parties in a divorce who are angry at their spouse can take a lesson from Valentine's Day that should give most people some food for thought. 

Many divorces begin and often end with hard feelings.  One or both parties may feel jilted or unloved by the other spouse.  Sometimes it may be the case that one spouse or the other has fallen out of love with their mate or perhaps has found someone else.

The lesson is a simple one.  If your spouse is divorcing you then it is pretty safe to say that they are doing so because they believe they will be happier taking their life in a different direction, either alone or with another person. 

If you are upset and angry at your spouse, take a moment to think about why you are angry.  Are you angry because you feel rejected?  Are you angry because he or she has found someone else?  Are you angry because he or she have chosen to continue their life without you as their spouse?

Consider this.   Do you truly love your spouse or do you remember a time when you did?  Then it may help for you to take take a lesson from Valentine's Day and apply it to your divorce.

If you love your spouse or at one time you loved your spouse, if you truly loved them then wouldn't you want your spouse to be happy even if that happiness wasn't with you?  Or do you only love your spouse only as long as your spouse remains with you?

Divorce isn't easy.  I know.  I've been there. I know the feeling of hurt and I know when you truly love, you also know when you need to let go.

My business isn't divorce.  It's my job to get you successfully beyond divorce. Sometimes the happily ever after doesn't happen on the first try as much as we might wish it would.